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Who we ARE ? (WUC) is Colombo’s premiere Entertainment Website with the largest repository of Events, Movies, Articles, Businesses and Sports. Since its launch on November 1st 2010, it has become a fountainhead for Colombo Event lovers all over the City as seen from its position in the Entertainment Industry in Sri Lanka. This indicates the popularity of Whatsupcolombo and its services.

Therefore, Place ads on & reserve space in the minds of our Local and global visitors. At incredibly lucrative rates, you can reap the benefits of advertising and witness the hottest thing happening on your front

Our principle is
ads @ low rates

ads @ high exposure

ads @ strategic positioning

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ads @ sponsor satisfaction 

Key Facts of WUC… in Year 2011
Over 600 Events Promoted in Colombo.

Total of 122 Events Sponsored including Mega Concerts such as Mohombi & Jay Sean Live in Colombo

Over 25 CSR Events sponsored FOC.

Total 1437 of Business information located in Colombo consist in Business Directory.

Over 300 Event Venue Information consist in Venue Directory.

Over 150 Articles published during the calendar year by Various Writers.

Promoted All the Movies and Dramas screened in Famous Cinemas and Theaters in Colombo.

Provided Live Webcast for all the Cricket matches played by Sri Lanka during the year, Specially World Cup 2011 and IPL 2011 through Sports Channel.

WUC Stats for You:

Every month… over 6,000 unique visitors with 3500 Daily Hit Rate. 110 countries.

Over 120,000 page views.

Over 500,000 Total Visits.

Over 60 % Young Adults (Age 18-24), Majority of Female Visitors 78% of Unique visitors from Colombo. Also attracting visitors from prime cities such as London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Banglore, New York and Singapore.

Over 2500 Registered User Base with Over 23,000 Facebook Fans (As at Jan 1st 2012)

How does advertising on Whatsupcolombo help you ?
We strongly believe that Whatsupcolombo is the place to advertise your products and services if your customers fall into the above demographics. We offer excellent value to advertisers by combining Website with Facebook Fan Page giving an incredible amount of site traffic with surprisingly low rates. Where else can you reach local and global audience for your products and services at a very reasonable cost ?

You will benefit if you would like to do one or all of the following.
Create brand awareness

Build corporate image

Generate traffic for retailing

Generate leads Direct sales

Enlist global audience for a fixed cost

And yes, there's another thing. We don't charge an arm and a leg. After all, what good is a solution if it lands you in another problem - of the budgetary kind.

How Do You Go About Advertising on Whatsupcolombo ?
How much does it cost to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that sponsoring Whatsupcolombo presents? Not as much as one would think. All banners are positioned throughout the site in dedicated positions. That means your advertisement will always be in front of the users of the site. We do not believe in cluttering our site with unnecessary ads thereby reducing the value of the amount spent by our sponsor.

Pay for your ad months and get Whatsupcolombo years. We have put in years of dedicated quality work to assure you of our excellent service.

The internet advertising is not just product, pricing, place & promotion anymore. The world of e-commerce has moved ahead.Let our website be the gateway to your e-commerce on the net and accelerator to your future. Think about this. Give us a call.... The choice is of course yours. But we prefer to see you in a better shape and want you to grow together with us...

Packages We Offer…
What’s Up Colombo web site comprise around 15 spaces/ slots on the front page and another more than 20 slots in inner pages where you can advertise your logos and product or services for affordable pricing schemes which will fit in to your advertising budget.

Supreme Package
Best advertising package we offer, where you can place your advertisement just below the Head Banner and it will be displayed in inner pages as well. JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF formats can be displayed (Click Here for Sample)

Ideal Package
This package will offer you to place your advertisement right side of the home page as well as in inner pages. JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF formats can be displayed (Click Here for Sample)

Budget Package
Most convenient Package where you can place your advertisement in different article sections in home page and particular article main page.(Ex: Colombo Buzz, Colombo Sports and etc... ) JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF formats can be displayed (Click Here for Sample)

Inner Package
This package will offer you to place your advertisement in inner pages such as Business directory main page and sub pages, Events Directory main page and sub pages. JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF formats can be displayed Finally many more special customize packages as per your requirements.(Click Here for Sample)

Other Special Packages…
  Sponsorship Package: As premium online entertainment provider in Colombo, we glad and fascinated to sponsor your events in Colombo and give maximum marketing exposure to your event to attract more and more audience.

What you have to do…

Just contact Us 0773248299 OR Contact us online… Once you contact us, we can display your event banner in home page (Featured Events) and also in Event directory Moreover will promote your event in our facebook fan group and etc...

You just need to put our logo in your event poster as "Web Media Partner".

Terms & Conditions …
Soft copy of the banner advertisements should be provided by your Organization.
Special discounts for long term packages .(Minimum 6 Months )
Payments should be made prior to the advertisement is published. (Contact US for Payments).

Contact Us for Advertisement Rates…
Phone: 0773248299

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