Sri Siddhartha Gautama
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Sri Siddhartha Gautama -
Directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Chandran Rutnam, the film is co-directed by Saman Weeraman and Bollywood famed Nepali actress Manisha Koirala.

Produced by the Light of Asia Foundation the film is and international production for which international cast and technicians contributed.

“Sri Siddhartha Gautama” is an epic film based on the life story of Prince Siddhartha, from his birth up to his enlightenment and it attempts to chronicle the heart wrenching and mind challenging story that lies at the centerpiece of the Buddhist faith, through an emotional and humane sense.

Given the internationally diverse star studded cast and direction, the film utilizes elaborate sets, exquisite locations within Sri Lanka and an authentic script approved by the supreme council of the Maha Sangha.

The multi-national cast include Gagan Malik (India), Anchal Singh(India), Ranjan Ramanayake, Anjani Perera (USA), Gautam Gulati (India), Roshan Ranawana, Saranga Disasekara, Dilhani Perera (USA), and Wilson Gooneratne (Sri Lanka).

Set over 2600 years ago, the film revolves around the extraordinary tale of a Prince who is endowed with everything he needed including luxury, palaces and all heart’s desires provided by his father, a warrior King of the kingdom of Shakya but takes up an unknown journey of finding the end to human sorrow and suffering.


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